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PayDuo will never require you to generate a certain number of codes or to maintain a specific traffic in order to obtain your pay-outs. You can, of course, use PayDuo’s monetization services on your personal website.

No! PayDuo is a free online mobile payment solution. There are no sign-up fees and absolutely no minimum time commitment.

Yes. You must be an adult to use PayDuo to monetize your site primarily so that we can transfer your pay-outs to you.

As soon as you have made 15€ (in Europe, 100€ anywhere else) in payments, you will be able to request a pay-out directly from your administrative interface by clicking on the “Pay-Out Request” tab. You can request up to 3 pay-outs (maximum) per week.

Yes, in the section “PHP Protection Script Installation” you’ll find the necessary steps to follow.

Of course, all you’ll need to do is to create a free code on the site you’d like to share. This code will function like all other PayDuo codes (those purchased via sms payment or premium rate calls, for example) however you will not generate a profit as these codes are free.

Be sure to check that the test code being used is delegated to the content in question and not for another website you may have. It is also important to remember that, as a security measure, each monetization component has its own unique test code (do not share this code to others. If you would like to give someone free access, please use the free codes).

Yes! You can choose your settings so that codes are valid from 1 to 3 times.

PLUS, GOLD, SILVER, BRONZE are the offers you choose yourself in accordance with your products.
To simplify the choice of offers in all countries, we have created names for the offers such as PLUS and BRONZE to give a value scale between the offers.
In brief, you are absolutely free to choose from all levels and offers that adapt perfectly to your products.

Please refer to the payout rates listed on our website:

You need to make at least one first payout request by bank transfer to be able to benefit from the PayPal payout function.

For tax and accounting reasons, we cannot change the owner of a particular account. Thus we suggest you to open another account and duplicate documents on the new account.